Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night

In early 2016 HHonolulu Events, a collective from Hamburg, Germany, created its newest project: “ Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night “ presented by Blue Tomato.


Our first tour started in spring 2016 with 11 stops in 3 different countries. Followed by boutique Open-Air Tour through Germany and Austria. In fall  2016, the tour reached 25 stops in 5 different countries. Bigger then ever the Spring Tour in 2017 will be our most extensive project so far: 36 cities in 7 countries through Europe.

Cine Mar is devoted to the love of the sea and all the wonderful stories the oceans tell us. The watersport enthusiasts set off in search of inspiring stories. We run also the Surf & Skate Festival and Surffilmfestival Cologne.
For one night, our audience will escape reality and satisfy their cravings for being close to the ocean, adventures and the biggest swell. Our moderators will guide us through several movies that show the beauty of living deeply connected to the nature.

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Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night 2017 – Spring Tour:

GIVEN by Jess Bianchi (USA) // THE SMILING BAG by Dion Agius (AUS) // WHAT IF YOU FLY by Sean Yoro (USA)


Cine Mar – Movie Night 2016 – Fall Tour:

ABACO by Kylian Castells (ESP) // ADRIFT by Tobias Ilsanker (GER) // BROTHER – BRUCE IRONS by Sebastian Zanella (FRA) // DOUBLE BARREL by Angie Davis (AUS) // FRANKIE by Morgan Maasson (USA) // NATURE IS SPEAKING – HARRISON FORD IS THE OCEAN by CI (USA) // WAY EAST by Mathias Kögel (GER) // WE RISE TOGETHER by Scopo Studios (USA)


Cine Mar – Open Air Movie Night – Summer Tour:

PENINSULA MITRE by Julian Azulay & Joaquin Azulay (ESP) // SURF IN SIBERIA – ARCTIC OCEAN by Konstantin Kokorev (RUS) // LUNAR by Luca Merli (ITA) // SLOW MOTION ISLAND by Thomas Kosikowski & Johannes Riffelmacher (GER)


Cine Mar – Movie Night 2016 – Spring Tour:

PAUL by Samuel Steele (ZAF) // ALOMBRE by Thomas Queyraud (FRA) // The Fisherman’s Son by Tomas Durcan (UK) // My Road Series by Gustavo Immigrant (GER)