14. September 2016


Ábaco is our baggage from a year on the road, filmed in Indonesia, Morocco, France, Spain, Australia and the USA. Including broken bones, boards, heartache, lost rolls and found rolls. Hangovers bad enough to make grown men cry. Premiered in Barcelona, Bristol, Biaritz, Gijon, San Sebastian and Hossegor and now finally brought to the rest of Europe by the Cine Mar Movie Nights.
„Ábaco has been a hell of a journey and we have made it, bloody noses and dusted up but we are here at the finish line with this film we made.“

Ábaco Film from Kylian Castells on Vimeo.

Film: Kylian Castells
Starring: Hector Santamaria, Dion Agius, Hector Menendez, Seb Smart, Adrien Toyon, Seb Raubenheimer, Dani Aznar & Maxime Bobet


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