25. März 2016


Well-known as „tombottom“, Thomas Queyraud released his first short movie (37′) about surf : Alombre. Inspired by Taylor Steele’s work, this project is the result of an old dream for this young one-man-band with a fertile imagination. Thomas, not only made the filming but also the whole post-production and the music, written specially for the movie.

Alombre is a window on four parallel surfing lives, four alternative visions far from surf business. In the shade of Hawaï for a Tahitian, of mainstream surf industry for a Canaulais, of handicap for a Charentais or some professional choice for a Martiniquais, tombottom takes us to crossing paths to meet free people, happy to practice their art. Lost between calm waters and cavernous sessions, a movie with true and unique moments in the biggest french peninsula : the Medoc.
Alombre project began in 2014, during Spring.

Thomas embarks four surfers in the heart of this ignored Medoc, where great talents and strong personalities coexist. In the shade of south-west and mainstream surf area in the Landes and Basque countries, Heremoana Luciani, Adrien Valéro, Ismaël Guilliorit et Phillippe Claverie immerse us in their style, with simple stories and relevant thoughts.

With two cameras, a microphone, a keyboard and an Apple Mac computer, tombottom goes for this creation between surf teaching and surf sessions left behind. Nine months later, Alombre is ready: Passions and feelings, worked with rhythm and sensitivity.
This film is to share, hoping it will open new paths.

Filmmaker: Thomas Queyraud


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