14. September 2016


Three of Southern California’s most kind-hearted and fun-loving female surfers take to the open sea in pursuit of off-the-grid adventure.  Challenged by unfavorable sailing conditions and discouraging weather patterns, Eveline, Taylor and Anna are forced to realign their expectations.  Proving adaptable, they call upon their creative spirits and inherent optimism to make the most of a seemingly unfortunate set of circumstances.  Our inspiring young heroines embrace the joys of cliff jumping, sea kayaking, free diving, hiking, and at the heart of this journey we discover the value of relationships.

A short film celebrating the independent voices of women’s surfing.

We Rise Together – Official Trailer from Scopo Studios on Vimeo.


Mit: Eveline Van BrandeTaylor Nelson & Anna Ehrgott

Musik: PealsShane Passantino & T.A.K.I


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